Pave the way for ‘Collective Strategic Success’ Adopt an integrated approach for excellence

One of the greatest advantages for an organization that succeeds in combining a sharp strategy, a well-tuned culture, and a high-functioning leadership team is that they get their collective approach to excellence right. And it is such organizations that attain Collective Strategic Success– a phenomenon where the entire organization is doing well, and consistently exceeds the expectations of customers and stakeholders. Conceptually, let us refer to them as Strategic Champion organizations. 
In a contrast, there are organizations that may have a great strategy, but not a great culture or leadership to execute it. This can also occur in any other combination, where one or two of these factors are great but the others are not conducive. In such organizations, some things work well, sometimes, even very well. Yet there are other things that fail and keep creating a hurdle in collective success. So, while some teams
and individuals flourish in such an organization, others suffer. As a result, the organization-as-a whole doesn’t achieve all its strategic objectives. Conceptually, let us refer to them as Pockets of Excellence organizations.

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