About Us

OrbitShift was founded by Sai Kumar Chandran with the aim to help individuals, institutions, businesses, and society in moving lives & journeys to the next level of IMPACT using modern, scientific, and traditional techniques and grounding.

We are young organization of Senior to Mid-career Coaches, OD Facilitators, and Business Leaders with diverse subject-matter, industry exposure and entrepreneurial experience. OrbitShift literally is about shifting someone’s Orbit of life to the next level. Our brand depicts the opportunity that we create with the clients, we work with.

We focus on ‘Moving lives and Journeys to the next level of impact’ through participatory decision making leading to ‘Growth’. Taking the journey to the next Level of believing, being & doing leading to ‘Achieving’. Then, Impact is a natural outcome, built-in with scale leading to ‘Pride’.

Our clients experience an expansion around and through the scope of our work. This could be for their personality, purpose, influence, operations and/or impact of their work.

An indicative list of brands we have delivered for…