Our Purpose

We are driven to working with every individual, group, organization and institution to help them move to the next level of impact. This becomes the guiding light for us to choose the partnerships with our clients, the kind of work we do, the design of the interventions and the outcomes and impacts we target. For us it is very important that the individual, group or institution grows through everything we do. And this growth has to bring a sense of belief, a sense of being, a sense of doing and a sense of pride. We work to build real achievements and the habit of achieving outcomes, through all of our interventions.

The impact we generate through our work has to bring pride to the system, whether it’s an individual’s immediate environment, a team’s operational context or an organization’s work in the industry.

Moving lives and Journeys to the next level of impact is hence our guiding light, at OrbitShift.

An indicative list of brands we have delivered for…