Sai Kumar Chandran


Sai is a Peek Performance Strategist. He combines his experience with Management and people work to focus on Strategy, Business Growth, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and other Cultural initiatives. Sai brings 24 years of experience to play. He is a passionate marathoner, biker, writer and food enthusiast.

Vineet Mangal

Vineet is a HR & Leadership specialist. Vineet brings to play his ability to work across a diverse set of people and industries. Vineet focuses on HR capability building, HR Systems, Leadership Development, Career Reengineering and several other areas. He brings 25+ years of experience to play. Vineet is an avid writer & loves to travel and understand cultures.

Sharan Biradar

Sharan is a Retail Business Expert, and specialized in business launch, physical store expansions, merchandizing with extensive experience across the country. Shanu helps client establish physical store presence, distribution and sales network. He brings 25+ years of experience to play. Shanu is passionate about books, publications, handicrafts and travel.

Amrita Gvalani

Amrita is a Communication Expert & Art Therapist. She brings to life he passion of Art, especially Zentangling into deep therapeutic work. Amrita also engages in communication and English training. She is also a brilliant Editor. Amrita brings 15+ years of experience to play. She is passionate about human psychology, art poetry and is a food enthusiast.

Ayush Banerjee

Ayush is a Digital Storytelling Expert. A bright young and upcoming talent, he is a theatre and performing arts enthusiast with an on-ground experience of sharing stories and connecting people. Ayush has a unique eye for creating an everlasting impression. Ayush bring just a few years of experience but has done some complex work. He is a photography and travel enthusiast.

Devneet Singh

Devneet is a Legal & Taxation Expert, & a Youth Development Coach. He helps organizations streamline their Legal and Taxation strategies – especially in the SME space. Devneet involves himself in some interesting development work to help youth realize their potential. He brings around 8+ years of experience to play. Devneet is a people enthusiast and an avid backpacker.

Banavsha Sai Chandran

Banavsha is a Data Science, Analytics and Visualization expert with 9+ years of experience. Clients appreciate her for the deep insights that she generates from complex data. She also helps with powerful visualizations, predictive reports, and dashboards which facilitate business decision-making.

Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh is a digital marketing expert and a web specialist. He helps business owners and public figures make and maintain their online persona. Saurabh has an experience of more than 5 years in the digital space and in these 5 years, he has helped corporate houses and celebrities find their voices on social media platforms.

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