CHANGE LEADERSHIP Science and Art for Strategic, Cultural and Leadership Excellence

Leadership can be learned by acquiring the right mindset, skillset and frameworks to manage the various demands of any organizational operating realities. And in most
cases, the fundamentals of leadership are enough to yield results. However, effective
leadership is identifiable in complex and ambiguous situations, when a leader brings positive impact through an appreciation of context, and mastery of navigating various situations. In this sense, leadership will always be a two-step mastery. So, in essence, master the basics, and then master some advanced applications of leadership. 
One such advanced context of leadership that is required today, more than ever, is Change Leadership. In short, a leadership approach that will help the organization visualize and navigate changes that are not obvious but need to be anticipated. And like all leadership, this is also not a personality-dependent approach that only a few can have. It too can be learned, provided the right kind of guidance is provided to the leader, and the leader shows the commitment to acquire mindset, skillset and frameworks. 
Change Leadership is a Strategic Orientation and one of the more advanced inclinations that a Leader can and should develop.

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