Build a Leadership Fraternity at your peer level to succeed faster

I was in a series of conversations with some leaders recently, and we were discussing how some senior and middle level professionals are more successful than others. Our conversations were centring around, what made these leaders more successful than the others! We looked at a variety of reasons: from education, to experience, to attitudes, to […]

Are You Balancing ‘Built By The Organization’ And ‘Organization Building’?

To being with, Built by the Organization, means producing our products or services which a customer/consumer pays for. And Organization Building, means creating the Structure, Staffing, Systems, Processes and Dynamics of the organization that creates the product or service. Before we dive right in, let me set a context first on Organization Building with a few […]

CHANGE LEADERSHIP Science and Art for Strategic, Cultural and Leadership Excellence

Leadership can be learned by acquiring the right mindset, skillset and frameworks to manage the various demands of any organizational operating realities. And in most cases, the fundamentals of leadership are enough to yield results. However, effective leadership is identifiable in complex and ambiguous situations, when a leader brings positive impact through an appreciation of […]

Pave the way for ‘Collective Strategic Success’ Adopt an integrated approach for excellence

One of the greatest advantages for an organization that succeeds in combining a sharp strategy, a well-tuned culture, and a high-functioning leadership team is that they get their collective approach to excellence right. And it is such organizations that attain Collective Strategic Success– a phenomenon where the entire organization is doing well, and consistently exceeds […]

Culture Transformation in the Hybrid Workplace

The Hybrid Workplace is here to stay. It is also a good change; good for fatigued workers, who would like to reduce their commute. It is good for the kids who have been missing the attention of their busy parents, all absorbed and focused on the compulsions of their careers. Good for the environment, if […]

Dealing with Politics around you – the ABCDEF Approach

The English word politics has its roots in the name of Aristotle’s classic work, Politiká, which introduced the Greek term politiká. In this book, Aristotle discussed the city (πόλις : polis) or “political community” as opposed to other types of communities and partnerships such as the household and village. Eventually, the word politics came to mean […]

A Differentiating Measure for Appraisals 2021 and Beyond

This year is a time to measure certain behavioural clusters/competency areas, to find a true picture of how people think, feel and act under such pressure and as their true selves. If you realize, this year would have taken away most, if not all the masks, people usually wear in the workplace. 2020 was a […]